Taking the Reins: Understanding the Responsibilities of an Indie Author

Get ready to don all the hats! Indie authors, also called self-published authors, are brave souls who bring their book babies into the world without the help of a traditional publishing house. 

They roll up their sleeves and take charge of every step of the publishing process, from content editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, and distribution. Sometimes they round up a posse of freelancers to pitch in or rely on self-publishing platforms to lend a hand.

Why go indie, you ask? 

The benefits are huge! Indie authors enjoy complete creative control from start to finish, setting pricing and distribution on their terms. Plus, they bag a larger slice of royalty pie without sharing a single crumb with a big publisher.

But, let's be real. Indie authors have their work cut out for them, from building a fanbase to gaining street cred, and even managing the bookkeeping side of things. 

But, despite the challenges, indie authors have a fierce tribe of readers who devour their every word.