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In You, I Trust

First novella by Anelaj Palomino. 

 When Camden first laid eyes on Imani, he knew something was different about her. He could sense the fear in her eyes that she wouldn't let anyone else see. Knowing he had to help her, Camden vowed to do whatever it took to make sure no one ever laid another hand on her. From that moment onward, Camden trusted Imani with his secrets, even if they would damn his soul.

 The novella follows their journey as they embark on their passionate love affair. Despite the odds, they must fight for each other to stay together. Along the way, they encounter obstacles that test their trust and faith in one another. Will they be able to overcome these trials, or will their love be doomed to fail?

 In You: I Trust: A Standalone Novella is an interracial romance drama that tells the story of Camden and Imani Richards in an assertive tone that allows readers to connect with the characters easily. This novella is sure to leave readers feeling hopeful and inspired. With its unique and captivating plot, it's sure to be a favorite among readers. So don't wait; pick up your copy today and immerse yourself in this unforgettable story!

 To learn bits and pieces about these two, check out their pages. A new fact will be updated weekly.


Meet The Author

Hello everyone! I am Anelaj Palomino, author of romance books. While I prefer a nicely paced 2-hour "lunch" read, if a book pulls me in, I can read it until I can't keep my eyes open.

 I love to bake and am a horseback rider extraordinaire. Lover of nature walks. Always up for a beaching good time. (See what I did there? ;)) Writing has been my lifeline to staying sane, even if it's fantasy. 

I am a mother. Hopeless romantic. Hidden local spot finder and most important, I am but human. I hope my stories put you in the good feels. I am looking forward to continuing to entertain you for years to come.

 All my best to you and yours!