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"If It's Worth Imagining, It's Worth Writing." - Anelaj Palomino, Author


Tangled in Destiny's Embrace

A Fated Souls Series

A tale of two souls who keep retracing their steps back to each other. Will they finally intertwine their paths or let fate lead them astray? Stay connected for forthcoming news and ensconce yourself in the magical tales woven on the blog.

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Meet The Author

Hello everyone! I am Anelaj Palomino, author of romance books. While I prefer a nicely paced 2-hour "lunch" read, if a book pulls me in, I can read it until I can't keep my eyes open.

 I love to bake and am a horseback rider extraordinaire. Lover of nature walks. Always up for a beaching good time. (See what I did there? ;)) Writing has been my lifeline to staying sane, even if it's fantasy. 

I am a mother. Hopeless romantic. Hidden local spot finder and most important, I am but human. I hope my stories put you in the good feels. I am looking forward to continuing to entertain you for years to come.

 All my best to you and yours!